The Technology We Use

Sardis North Dental Centre is committed to using the absolute latest in dental technology to ensure that our patients are getting the most up to date care that they possibly can. We know that dentistry is an ever-changing and always improving field and, as Chilliwack’s family dental practice, we know that you want nothing but great care. Choosing Sardis North Dental Centre means that you are choosing the latest and greatest in dental technology. Here are some of the technologies that we offer our patients:

Dental Chair

Dental Sterilization

Arguably the most important aspect of any dental practice is the sterilization of all dental tools and products, and here at Sardis North Dental Centre we have the highest quality sterilization systems available. The health and safety of our patients and staff is our number one concern, and thus we make the cleanliness and reliability of our office a priority.

Intraoral Cameras

As one of the latest in dental imaging technologies, the intraoral camera allows our dentists to visually show patients exactly what is going on inside their own mouths. This technology not only helps with communication between the dentist and patient, but also helps the patient to understand exactly what the dental issues are and what their treatment will look like.

Digital X-Rays

Dental x-rays are an essential part of checking a patient’s oral health as they allow for disease, infection, and decay detection, as well as the identification of other oral abnormalities. We use only the latest in digital x-rays as this gives the clearest images for the most precise diagnoses while keeping the patient’s exposure to radiation as low as possible.

Digital Dental Charts

Using digital charts for patient dental records and information is a vital aspect of staying up to date in our practice. By using digital charts, we are able to store unlimited information and access it at any time in any location. This improves the overall speed and efficiency of our office and allows our dental professionals to have easy access to dental records any time they need.

Modern Dental Chairs

Our dental chairs are of the highest quality which means that they are easily maneuverable for the convenience of our dental professionals while being extremely comfortable for our patients. Our chairs will help you to relax when you come to visit us, making your experience comfortable and soothing.


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