Refer and Earn Your Gift Card

Refer a friend or family member to your Sardis Dental family dentist and receive a $25 Gift Card to Guusto!

We welcome new patient* referrals and we will thank you with a gift. You can refer patients of all ages.

Contact us today about your referral.

*New patient referral must include: exam, x-ray, scaling, polishing, and fluoride treatment.

You can also refer anyone to our website, where they will find the information necessary to book an appointment.

Your referrals will also be able to call us to request an appointment or to find out more about the treatments we offer. We will be able to talk to them about their goals and how we can help them achieve those goals.

Past Contest Winners

Sardis Dental Holiday Contest Winner

*this contest is now over

Congratulations to our winner of a $100 Visa Gift Card!

Find out why we’re a good fit for you & your family

Thank you for checking out our referrals page and helping our Sardis North Dental family grow.

Your dentist Chilliwack will take care of all your referrals just like members of our family, offering them cosmetic and general dentistry services with advanced technology for their comfort.

Our Sardis Dental team will help them with their oral health and help them maintain their dental hygiene with our preventive treatments and more information about how to take care of their teeth at home.

Your Dentist Chilliwack Promotions For Your Referrals

Your referrals will also be able to help us make our Sardis North Dental family bigger. They will be able to refer people they know to our practice and we will be glad to help them with their own goals as well.

We are looking forward to meet your family, your friends, and their referrals, right here at our clinic!

Tell your friends and family about us. We can help them book an appointment at a suitable day and time for their convenience.